20 Google Slides Templates for Teachers, Educators, and Students For 2019

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As a teacher, you’re always looking for ways to get your students’ attention and to improve their understanding and retention of the subject.

Research shows that the use of slideshow presentations in the classroom can increase students’ learning compared to traditional textbooks and lectures. Students today have always been surrounded by digital media: they expect visual and dynamic content, both outside and inside the school.

Education Themed Google Slides Templates
You’ll find thousands of Google Slides templates for teachers at Envato Elements and GraphicRiver.

It’s now easier than ever to use slides in your lessons, particularly with the free platform, Google Slides. And with the use of Google Slides templates for teachers, you can easily produce attractive slides without spending hours designing your presentation.

As it is, Google Slides already comes with built-in themes that you can easily adapt to your subject matter. But if you want your presentation to stand out, you’ll want to use themes your students haven’t seen before… templates with designs and features that’ll wow them and make the lessons stick.

In other words, with the help of professionally-designed Google Slides templates for teachers, you’ll look like a pro slide creator!

Best Google Slides Templates For Education on Envato Elements
(With Unlimited Use)

If you’ve got a compelling idea to present, with intriguing
concepts to visualize, then you need a presentation design that’ll feature
your message to your students with clarity and impact.

There are hundreds of great Google Slides presentation template designs on Envato Elements that’ll work
for teachers, with a great offer: download as many as you want (with unlimited
use) for one low price.

google slides presentations for teachers
Professional Google Slides presentations for teachers on Envato Elements.

These ready-to-customize Google Slides templates for education have unique Google Slides designs with great visuals to choose from for 2019. You can use them for the important ideas in your lesson with pre-built slides to showcase your:

  • key concepts
  • charts and graphs
  • modern images

Just add your unique lesson ideas, creative graphics, and key data to these already visually-impactful slide designs.

5 Best Google Slides Themes for Teachers, Educators, and Students in Envato Elements

With the unlimited downloads you get from Envato Elements, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Begin your search with the following five of the best Google Slides templates in Elements for teachers:

1. Education Google Slides Template

Education Google Slides Template
A basic education Google Slides template with plenty of possibilities

The Education Google Slides Template features a clean, yet vibrant design that’s suitable for classroom use.

You get over 150 slides to customize to your lesson. The designer used master slides, making it easier to change fonts and other elements.

This Google Slides theme also comes with five color variations and infographics to spice up your presentations and communicate concepts more effectively.

2. Comic – Fun Google Slides Presentation Template

Comic Fun Google Slides Template for Education
You’ll find this fun Google Slides template for elementary teachers on Envato Elements.

Here’s a great Google Slides template for elementary teachers. The colorful, comic-book style of this theme is sure to appeal to young students—but don’t be surprised if older learners like it, too.

The Comic & Fun Theme Presentation for Google Slides provides many slide layouts, including layouts for images, charts, and flowcharts. You also have a choice of six color themes and both widescreen and standard sizes.

3. Education – Google Slides Template

Google Slides Templates for Education
A minimalist, but bold, Google Slides template for education

If you want a minimalist design that still commands attention, then the Education-Google Slides Template may be for you.

You’ll be able to choose from five color schemes and 32 unique slide layouts. Also included are vector-based icons you can customize, as well as documentation to help you use the template.

4. Puzzle – Education Google Slides Template

Puzzle Google Slides Theme for Teachers
Another appealing Google Slides theme for teachers of young students

The Puzzle – Education Google Slides Template is another good template if you’ve got young students. It’s colorful yet clean, making it easy to adapt to different topics. It’s one of several great google slides templates for elementary teachers.

This theme also features:

  • gallery/images layout
  • infographics
  • process/flowcharts
  • widescreen and standard sizes
  • documentation

5. Gradation Google Slides Presentation

Gradation Google Slides Template for Education
This bold and vibrant Google Slides template for education will keep students’ attention.

Looking for maximum visual impact? Then check out the Gradation Google Slides Presentation template.

Its use of bold colors and shapes is sure to keep your students riveted to the lesson. Of course, if you’d rather use more subdued colors, you could do that, too, since this template is fully editable.

You’ll also appreciate the 266 vector icons that come with this theme. You can resize and recolor each one and combine them to create just the graphic you need.

How to Find Education-Related Google Slides Themes in Envato Elements

Google Slides Templates for Teachers
Some of the most popular Googles Slides templates for teachers in Envato Elements

Envato Elements is an excellent source of professionally designed Google Slides templates for teachers.

You can also look for keywords around your subject matter (such as “nature,” “geography,” or “history”) to find even more themes to suit your needs.

The great thing about getting Google Slides themes in Envato Elements is that you get unlimited downloads for one subscription price.

This means you can use a different template each day of the week and not have to pay extra!

Your Envato Elements subscription also includes unlimited downloads of stock photos, graphic elements, fonts, videos, music, and sound effects—all the creative elements you need to create engaging multimedia lessons.

Find More Google Slides Themes for Teachers in GraphicRiver

The GraphicRiver marketplace is another great source of Google Slides templates with an education theme.

You’ll find education-related Google Slides themes to choose from, with thousands more that can be adapted to whatever topic you’re teaching. If you use keywords around your subject matter as search terms, you’ll find even more themes.

Google Slides Templates for teachers on GraphicRiver
Best-selling Google Slides themes for teachers on GraphicRiver, with eye-catching designs sure to hold your students’ attention.

In GraphicRiver, you pay only for the templates you use. That means a one-time payment for a single use of one theme, for about the price of a movie ticket. And if you choose a bundle, you’ll get an even better deal.

GraphicRiver is the best place to find a Google Slides theme if you only need to create one powerhouse presentation for your class. You can customize it to your heart’s content and create a presentation that’s truly unique.

15 Amazing Google Slides Templates for Teachers from GraphicRiver

Any of these Google Slides themes for education in GraphicRiver can fulfill your need to make more compelling and memorable presentations for your class:

1. Education and Learning Google Slides Presentation Template

Education Google Slides Template
A Google Slides template for education with a back-to-school theme

This template may have the education and learning theme, but it’s versatile enough to use with any other topic you may be teaching.

You’ll get your money’s worth because this template offers:

  • more than 140 unique slides
  • 7 color schemes
  • hundreds of vector-based icons and shapes
  • masked image holders to easily add your own photos
  • 16:9 HD, 16:10 and 4:3 aspect ratios
  • animation and transitions

2. Minimalist 2019 Google Slide Template

Minimalist Google Slides Theme for Teachers
Find more Google Slides themes for teachers in GraphicRiver.

For older students, a clean, simple design may be more effective. That’s exactly what you get with the Minimalist 2019 Google Slide Template.

It has a lot to offer, including 150+ unique slide layouts, 500+ editable font icons, editable data-driven charts, maps of Europe, U.S, Asia, and Australia, and more!

You’ll also appreciate the drag-and-drop picture placeholder with an auto-adjustment feature, which saves you tons of time and effort when you add your own photos.

3. Course Multipurpose Google Slides Presentation Template

Google Slides Templates for Education
This versatile Google Slides template for educators can be adapted to different topics.

Another versatile Google Slides theme, Course Multipurpose Google Slides Presentation Template can be adapted to teach a variety of subjects.

Check out some of its features:

  • over 200 unique slide layouts
  • 10 color themes that you can switch with one-click (or change to your own colors)
  • 3500 vector icons

You’ll also have more visual elements than you’ll need, from charts to infographics. This theme even includes calendars, Gantt charts, timelines, and diagrams.

4. COLORS – Google Slides Business Presentation

Google Slides Themes for Education
Engage students with vibrant Google Slides themes for education.

As its name suggests, the COLORS Google Slides theme uses vibrant colors to get and keep your students’ attention. They won’t be able to resist the colorful charts, infographics, timelines, and icons.

While it may not offer as many slide layouts and font icons as other themes, this Google Slides template does come with animation and free updates. Plus, it’s Full HD and Retina Ready.

5. Education Google Slides Presentation Template

Education Google Slides Presentation Template
This Google Slides template was designed especially for teachers.

As the name implies, this Google Slides theme was designed with teachers, educators, and students in mind.

It gives you 44 multi-purpose slide layouts and more than 500 icons you can resize and recolor. It has 10 premade color schemes and you can easily switch from one to the other: just one click recolors all the corresponding elements in the template!

It supports two aspect ratios (4:3 and 16:9) and includes animation and transitions.

6. Natural – Google Slide Template

Natural Google Slides Template for Teachers
This education Google Slide template is suitable for teaching science and related subjects.

Do you teach science? Then the Natural Google Slide Template may just be the theme for you. The default color theme is perfect for any topic in the natural sciences.

But all it takes to adapt this to another subject matter is a quick change in the color scheme, which is made easy because this template is based on Master Slides.

Predefined text styles and media placeholders make it super easy for you to plug in your own content.

7. Swift Minimal Google Slides Template

Minimalist Education Google Slides Templates
Minimalist education Google Slides templates can also be effective in the classroom.

“Clean and minimalist” doesn’t have to mean “boring,” as the Swift Minimal Google Slides Template shows.

The clean, uncluttered design keeps the focus on the substance of your lesson and minimizes distractions.

You get a lot in this Google Slides theme:

  • over 200 unique slides that are easy to edit
  • 3000+ font icons
  • dozens of graphic elements

And you can spice up your presentation with everything from charts and infographics to maps and process diagrams.

8. Mark Multipurpose Google Slides Template

Mark Google Slides Themes for Teachers
Eye-catching designs are a must when choosing Google Slides themes for teachers.

Count on this Google Slides theme to enliven even the dullest topic with its use of bold colors, high contrast, and animation.

Cut down the words on your slides and let images communicate: with more than 6500 icons included in this template, you’ll find the exact symbols you need.

The detailed help file will help you in customizing the 176 unique slide layouts included in this theme. But if you need even more hand-holding, the designer provides online support.

9. Generate Solutions Pitch Deck Google Slide Template

Generate Solutions Education Google Slides Themes
An example of the use of bright colors in education Google Slides themes and templates.

This Google Slides theme offers a clean, colorful, and dynamic design that’ll help you get and keep your students’ attention.

It supports 16:9 slide ratio and HD resolution for visually stunning slides. Included are over 300 unique slides, vector icons, illustrations, charts, maps, and infographics.

But what truly sets this Google Slides template apart are the hand-drawn mind maps that are great for concept mapping and other uses in the classroom.

10. Everland Business Google Slide Theme

Everland Google Slides Themes for Teachers
Here’s just one of many simple yet stunning Google Slides themes for teachers in GraphicRiver.

Everland’s slightly formal design makes it an appropriate Google Slide theme for older students and even adult learners. It still has a modern edge with its use of bright colors and shapes.

This template includes everything you’ll need to communicate visually: charts, infographics, photo galleries, timelines, and over 1,000 vector icons.

You’ll have an easy time customizing this Google Slides theme, with its use of Master Slides and unlimited color options. You also get video tutorials to walk you step-by-step through using this template.

11. Digital Business Google Slides Template 2019

Digital Google Slides Templates for Teacher
The Digital Google Slides template for teachers gives your presentation a modern edge.

If you want something clean and modern, then the Digital Business Google Slides Template is for you. A white background and monochromatic color scheme characterize this theme.

All 248 unique slide layouts are easy to edit. Choose from 12 color templates with one-click recoloring. Customizing with your own images is drag-and-drop simple. Plus, you can add pizzazz with 1000+ vector icons and full animation.

12. Agnes Google Slide Presentation

Agnes Education Google Slides Templates
Education Google Slides templates like Agnes show how a single-color design can make a big impact.

Whoever said your presentation needs to look like a rainbow to be visually enticing has never seen the Agnes Google Slide Presentation template.

This theme uses a single main color, but keeps things attractive with unusual shapes and image masks.

This template offers:

  • 80+ unique custom slides
  • full HD 16:9 aspect ratio
  • over 900+ font icons
  • editable, data-driven pie, bar, and line charts and infographics

13. Report Multipurpose Google Slides Template

Report Education Google Slides Themes
Among education Google slides themes, it’s hard to find more than 6500 icons.

Few Google Slides themes can beat the number of icons included in the Report Multipurpose template: over 6500!

And if that weren’t enough, it also comes with 165 unique slide layouts. With the different possible combinations, it comes out to 660 slides in all.

This clean, modern Google Slides theme also includes dark and light versions as well as animated and no-animation versions. All charts are live, which means all you’ve got to do is to plug in your data to generate or modify the charts.

14. 3 in 1 Business – Premium Bundle Google Slide Template

3-1-in Bundle Google Slides Templates for Teachers
Bundled Google Slides themes like these are easy on a teacher’s budget.

Get three Google Slides themes for the price of one! This bundle includes the Entice, Vigil, and SoftTech templates.

Its picture placeholders allow you to simply drag-and-drop your own images and the template will automatically adjust their size, shape, and transparency.

Transitions, animations, font icons, editable charts, and maps are also included in this bundle.

15. Inspired Multipurpose Google Slide Template

Inspired Google Slides Themes for Teachers
These Google Slides themes for teachers are sure to inspire you—and your students.

Wow your students with the unique, attention-getting image masks in the Inspired Multipurpose Google Slide Template. And all you’ve got to do is drag-and-drop your own images into the brush-stroke and other unusually-shaped masks.

Use this theme for subjects where photos can make a big difference, such as history, social studies, and even literature.

With its choice of 50 color themes, over 500 slide layouts, and single, two-, or three-column text layouts, you’ll have plenty of options to create a standout presentation.

5 Top Tips for Using Google Slides

Google Slides may be free, but it has surprisingly powerful features. You’ll want to explore them to discover ways to work more easily in the platform while getting the best results.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Make Your Presentation Dynamic With Transitions

Your students are accustomed to watching videos, gifs, and animation. Add movement to your Google Slides by using transitions in your presentation.

Many of the Google Slides themes we featured in this post have built-in transitions that’ll keep your learners alert (read this step-by-step tutorial on how to use Google Slides animations). You can even find slide templates with animation—making your presentation look almost like a video.

2. Communicate More With Visuals Than With Text

Google Slides for visual communication
The use of strong, meaningful images makes this Google Slides template stand out.

Loading your slides with words guarantees that your students will tune out, get bored—or worse—fall asleep!

You can add images in Google Slides in several ways:

  • specify the URL of the image
  • insert an image from your Google photo album
  • insert an image from your Google Drive
  • use the built-in image search right inside Google Slides to find copyright-free images

3. Go Outside the Box of Square Images

Creative image masking in Google Slides
This Google Slides theme uses creative image masking in the shape of puzzle pieces.

Who says pictures can only be rectangular?

Google Slides has a robust image masking feature that enables you to display images in different shapes: circle, heart, arrows, and more.

4. Use Hyperlinks 

If you’ve got a long presentation, you’ll probably have to jump from one slide to another. You can do that easily by inserting hyperlinks on text and/or images within your slideshow. This means when you click on the hyperlinked item, you’ll jump to the linked slide. It’s easier than it sounds and the result is quite empowering.

5. Embed the Slideshow

Make a bigger impact by embedding your Google Slides presentation on your blog, the school website, or Google Classroom. This allows students to watch and review it on their own time, at home, or on the go.

More Great Google Slides Templates

You don’t have to be limited to the education-related Google Slides themes listed on this post. All the Google Slides templates in Elements and GraphicRiver are fully customizable, so you can tailor them to the topic you’re teaching.

Check out these other great collections of Google Slides templates to find the best foundation for your next lesson:

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Enthrall Your Students With Google Slides Templates

Captivate your students and enhance their learning by using professionally designed Google Slides themes. Save time while preparing your slideshow. Let professional template designers do the work for you, so you can stop worrying about the design and focus on the content of your lesson.

Check out Envato Elements for unlimited downloads of Google Slides templates and other creative elements you can use to create a standout presentation—for one low subscription fee. Or, go to GraphicRiver to find an attractive template and pay only for what you use.

You’ll be surprised how easy it is to create media-rich lessons for your classes.

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