20 Best Professional Business Brochure Design Templates for 2019

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With the explosion of digital media, are professional brochures dead? You might think that for a second, but brochures are far from over. You’ve probably just been handed out one last week.

Brochures are essential marketing for a lot of businesses, and especially brick and mortar stores. They contain information about your company and the products or services that you sell, which potential customers can readily read without the need to go online.

Brochure  StartUp Agency Bi-Fold
Brochure – StartUp Agency Bi-Fold is a stunning brochure design template to help you reach your potential customers.

Say, you’ve got a newly launched spa in your town. Handing out brochures is a great way to introduce your spa services. It’s a simple yet surefire way to build a buzz around your business. A visually stunning business brochure design is a must to catch your audience’s attention and get your desired impact. 

An impactful business brochure design must have the perfect layout, content structure, readable fonts, and remarkable graphics. Feeling overwhelmed? There’s no shame in that. Why not use business brochure templates to make sure your business brochure looks good?

professional booklet template can help sell your products or services and land you more customers without the added pressure of designing the right pamphlet designs. Professionally-designed business brochures save you time and effort.

Best Business Brochure Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

Best Business Brochure Templates on Envato Elements
Get access to unlimited digital assets on Envato Elements.

With just one subscription, you get access to the best brochure design templates on Envato Elements with unlimited downloads! Plus, you’ll also be free to use hundreds of thousands of digital assets too.

How amazing is that? These business brochure templates can be customized to suit your business branding requirements. You can brand them with your own logo, desired colors, and required fonts instantly.

Professional Business Brochure Templates
Thousands of professional business brochure templates available on Envato Elements.

Here are some of the 2019 latest brochure design templates from Envato Elements that’ll help you promote your business using clean and modern-looking professional business brochures:

1. Geometric Brochure

Geometric Brochure
Geometric Brochure available on Envato Elements.

Geometrical shapes are always in season. In fact, they’re trending again this year. What makes them appealing is their flexibility. They work well with any type of industry.

This professional business brochure template showcases triangles and even forms hexagons as graphics. It includes 24 pages that are readily available for reuse. Its sleek and modern-looking finish is customizable and adaptable in InDesign.

2. Minimalist Business Brochure Bi-Fold

Minimalist Business Brochure Bi-Fold
Minimalist Business Brochure Bi-Fold available on Envato Elements.

Because of its clean and elegant quality, minimalism is a favorite design trend among graphic artists. You can use this design trend in your brochures too!

One of the best professional brochure design templates is this clean brochure design. The use of a minimal amount of design elements makes it a lot easier for you to convey your brand message. It allows you to put emphasis more on your contents because of the less distraction on the graphics.

3. Multipurpose Square Brochure

Multipurpose Square Brochure
Multipurpose Square Brochure available on Envato Elements.

This multipurpose business brochure template stands out because of the blend of simplicity and modern look.

Impress your potential customers and close your deals easier with this clean and sophisticated brochure template. It’s got strong typography that’ll make your catalog look more professional and compelling.

4. Fashion and Photography Trifold Brochure

Fashion and Photography Trifold Brochure
Fashion and Photography Trifold Brochure available on Envato Elements.

This is a perfect template for those businesses in the fashion industry. But this can also be used by photographers, designers, and other retailers with a huge product catalog.

With many layouts allotted for images, you can showcase your most popular products. With short descriptions and titles, you can be brief and concise in explaining the benefits and features of your offerings.

5. Colorful Pattern Brochure

Colorful Pattern Brochure
Colorful Pattern Brochure available on Envato Elements.

Your professional brochure doesn’t have to be bland. You can use bold and vibrant colors while still looking clean and professional.

With 26 custom pages and compatibility with InDesign, this easy to customize business brochure template is guaranteed with bold colors and visual structure.

15 Brochure Design Templates on GraphicRiver (Trending in 2019)

While Envato Elements is a great option for people actively using digital assets, it may not be needed if you’re looking for just a single brochure template. 

If you prefer to buy new PowerPoint templates one at a time (instead of getting unlimited access to thousands of templates and design assets), check out the selection from our GraphicRiver marketplace below:

Brochure Design Templates on GraphicRiver
On GraphicRiver you can find thousands of brochure ideas and styles and buy the best business brochure design template for your business.

Alternatively, you can promote your business by adding a professional and modern twist to your traditional looking brochures with GraphicRiver’s collection of ready-made professional business brochure design templates.

Here are the best brochure design templates specifically tailored for different industries. They all contain visually stunning graphics, modern typography, and amazing photography.

1. Square Events Brochure/Programme

Square Events BrochureProgramme

Highly creative brochure with placements for stunning images. This can be used to promote events such as conferences, workshops, summits, school programs, and music fests.

2. Educational Tri-Fold Brochure

Educational Tri-Fold Brochure

Specially designed for graduations, commencement programs, and school yearbooks. This adds dignified and professional looking touches to this brochure design template.

3. Annual Report Brochure

Annual Report Brochure

Perfectly made for annual reports, this professional business brochure design template will surely keep your shareholders, creditors, and other regulatory bodies engaged and focused.

4. Content Marketing Brochure

Content Marketing Brochure

This template is highly recommended for digital marketing companies that want a consistent and modern looking branding.

5. The Minimal Portfolio

The Minimal Portfolio

Recommended for product designers, graphic artists, service or product catalogs, and agency-based projects.

6. Medical HealthCare Brochure

Medical HealthCare Brochure

This pamphlet is one of the best brochure design templates that’ll immediately exude trust and professionalism. Perfect for healthcare, medical, and related industries.

7. Real Estate Brochure – Aroura

Real Estate Brochure - Aroura

Showcase amazing houses, interiors, and a lot more with this professional brochure. Ideal for real estate agencies, home designs, interior designers, etc. 

8. Charity Volunteer Donation Brochure

Charity Volunteer Donation Brochure

This ready-to-use template for companies like charity support, volunteer, non-profit organizations, etc. The minimalistic design and professional look are a great combo to focus on getting your message across to charitable donors. 

9. Banking and Financial Service Trifold Brochure

Banking and Financial Service Trifold Brochure

This tri-fold brochure is perfectly suitable for banking and financial industry. Use this brochure design template to amp up your brochure style with a modern look without sacrificing your professional branding. 

10. Fashion Brochure Template

Fashion Brochure Template

Promote your future fashion empire with this one of the best brochure templates for fashion stores. Advertise your products effectively with this tri-fold brochure so you can showcase your clothes, shoes, glasses, bags, and other fashion products. 

11. Chocolate Bi-Fold Brochure

Chocolate Bi-Fold Brochure

Have a bakery or restaurant? This bi-fold brochure design template is perfect for stores with chocolate menu items. Boost your sales with this creative template with chocolate graphics and backdrops. 

12. Company Profile Brochure 

Company Profile Brochure

This professional booklet template is designed exclusively for corporate catalog, agency brochure, business updates, company profile, and other business use. It’s fully editable, images can be quickly added or changed in smart objects too. 

13. Restaurant Business Tri-fold Brochure

Restaurant Business Tri-fold Brochure

Have a newly opened restaurant? This beautiful and creative tri-fold brochure template can help you showcase your menu items. Add photos of your food and include a relevant description to entice your future customers with your sumptuous dishes. 

14. Spa Brochure Square Trifold

Spa Brochure Square Trifold

Make your spa and wellness center the customer’s number choice with this professional business brochure design template. This can also be used by beauty salons, nail services, and other grooming services.

15. E-Commerce Business Brochure

E-Commerce Business Brochure

A fully customizable brochure template with an unlimited color facility, this is specifically created for online stores that want to showcase their offerings more visually appealing.

5 Quick Design Tips: To Make Your Business Brochure More Professional

An effective business brochure is aimed to educate its readers. While the content should be the main selling point, your brochure design can make your message even more persuasive.

Here are five design tips and tricks that you’ve got to keep in mind to create visually compelling and professional looking brochures instantly:

1. Select a Layout for Your Brochure

Gather your contents and try to visualize how you want them to appear. This will help you identify which type of layout works best for you. The standard letter size (8 ½” × 11″) is a good starting point for you to help envision your brochure.

There are many types of brochure layouts to accommodate your needs. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • half-fold
  • trifold
  • z-fold
  • 4-panel accordion fold
  • 3-panel gate fold
  • double gate fold
  • roll fold
  • double parallel fold
  • vertical half fold
  • quarter fold
  • map fold

Most of the fold types are self-explanatory. (A z-fold is also known as a 3-panel accordion fold.)

The most popular choice is a classic tri-fold brochure. Because they’re common, they’re able to fit in standard envelopes.

2. Use a Full Bleed Technique

Because most printers can’t print right up to the edge of the paper, sometimes there’s a white border around your brochure. To avoid this what border, make sure that your design extends all the way to the paper’s edge. This technique is called full bleed.

The full bleed printing technique enables the printed document to be trimmed without leaving white. This gives you the desired visual layout, removing the obtrusive white border. If you’re printing at home, test-print one brochure to ensure the bleed is what you expected. If you use professional printers, contact your vendor and ask about the best way to use a full bleed with your design.

Magazine Template Full Bleed Example
Image by Grace Fussell.

3. Choose a Beautiful Color Scheme

The colors you use helps you evoke the right emotion. In color psychology, color holds a certain personality and feeling. For instance, warm colors such as red and orange are often associated with enthusiasm and happiness. On the other hand, cold colors like blue are preferred by tech companies because they denote professionalism. 

Certain colors reflect a certain personality. In marketing, colors are used to evoke a certain emotion. For example, blue is the preferred color for tech companies like IBM and HP because it signifies professionalism.

It’s recommended to follow your branding colors in your brochure. This ensures that you’ve got a consistent branding identity. Also, avoid the brand colors your competitors use. You don’t want to have the same color scheme and confuse your potential customers.

Banking Brochure
Banking Brochure available on Envato Elements.

4. Get the Right Imagery and Graphics

People are visual creatures, so make sure to add some compelling photos and graphics to your brochure. If you’ve got physical products, make the product images are the focal point of your brochure. Avoid adding too many other non-product images that’ll distract the audience from your products. 

When adding graphics, ensure that they complement your contents. They should only be added to make your visual storytelling more impactful. Also, make sure that your graphics match your brand personality and the overall tone of your brochure.

Z-Fold Portfolio Brochure Template
The Z-Fold Portfolio Brochure Template has a dedicated section solely focused on showcasing product images. No unnecessary graphics are added.

5. Get the Fonts Perfectly

When it comes to choosing the perfect fonts, simplicity is always the best course. You want to keep it to one or two fonts only. As much as you want to be creative, the legibility of your fonts is the most important consideration. Use easy-to-read typefaces to better communicate your message.

You should also establish a typographic hierarchy to organize your content better. Have various font sizes and font family rules for headings, subheadings, body copy, etc. If you want to highlight an important message, make the font size bigger or try different colors.

Restaurant Brochure
This Restaurant Brochure is a perfect example of how you can use typographic hierarchy to distinguish different content or brochure ideas.

Why Not Create Your Best Business Brochure Now?

Brochures have truly transformed in the digital era. You can’t disregard the immediate impact of a physical advertisement that potential customers can readily read. They won’t have to go online and research more about you. It’s a perfect marketing strategy to get your brand and products in front of your target audience.

If you want to create a visually compelling brochure, using business brochure templates will help you achieve that. The best brochure design templates on Envato Elements will compel your potential customers to read all about what you’re doing and how your products or services can satisfy their needs and wants.

Plus, get more design inspiration and brochure ideas from best brochure design templates on GraphicRiver. Each professional brochure template has unique and creative graphics that convey your message with more impact.

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