20+ Best Free Microsoft Word Flyer Templates (Printable Downloads for 2019)

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Do you need to announce an upcoming sale? Do you want to promote your booth at a trade fair? Is it time to publicise the opening of a new store? Flyers are an eye-catching and cost-effective way to successfully target your ideal customer. 

Microsoft Flyer Templates
Just one of the many stunning premium Microsoft Flyer templates offered at Envato Elements

Often, businesses have no idea where to begin when it comes to producing great flyers. This inevitably leads to flyers that are so poorly designed that potential clients don’t even notice them.

Ensure that you get the design aspect of creating your flyer right. Use a Microsoft flyer templates, like those available at Envato Elements and GraphicRiver

Best Source for Premium Microsoft Word Flyer Templates (With Unlimited Use)

Premium Microsoft Word Flyer Templates
Envato Elements – premium MS Word flyer templates

What makes flyer templates for Word so indispensable to businesses is that they’re beautifully designed. Also, they save you time and money over trying to design your own flyers from scratch Word.  

When it comes to top quality premium Microsoft flyer templates, Envato Elements should be your first stop. Elements offers a huge and varied selection of flyer templates for Word. You can customise them extensively to create a look that’s as unique as your business. The templates are also yours to change and adapt to different occasions as often as you’d like. 

In article, we’ll share some of the best free flyer templates for Microsoft Word you can find on the web. These are useful if you need a flyer ASAP but have no budget to buy yourself a premium template. Remember though, even the best free template is no match for the top-quality Microsoft flyer templates found at Elements. 

First, let’s take a quick look at a few of the outstanding premium flyer templates for Word available on Envato Elements. You’ll see what I mean:

1. Travel Flyer Template for Word

Travel Flyer Template for Word

This stylish contemporary Microsoft Word flyer template uses a standard A4 size. Plus, it offers both a front and back layout.

Every aspect of the template is fully editable. So, you can add your own photos, change the objects in the design, the text and change all colours to match your brand or taste. A useful guide is included with this template.

2. Interior Flyer – Microsoft Word Flyer Template

Interior Flyer Microsoft Word Flyer Template

Create a flyer in Word in a matter of minutes with this printable flyer template for Word. The template is designed specifically for home remodelling and furniture companies. But it’s so versatile that it can be used by many other businesses. 

The layered template offers free built-in fonts, both A4 and US letter size files. It also comes print ready with bleed. 

3. Corporate Flyer Template

Corporate Flyer Template

If you’re looking to create a flyer in Word for your next promotional campaign, recruitment drive or trade fair, check out this printable flyer template for Word. The template offers a great design. Plus, it comes in both A4 and A5 sizes. Just download, add your photos and details of your offer and your flyer is ready to be printed.

Envato Elements (Design Without Limits)

Envato Elements - Great template at one low price
Envato Elements – Great template at one low price

Envato Elements’ premium flyer templates for Word are professional, versatile and easy to use. With unlimited downloads, choose as many printable flyer templates for Word as you want for one low monthly fee. This means you can try on as many templates as you want without incurring any extra costs.

That’s the beauty of Envato Elements. One low monthly fee = unlimited access to flyer templates for Word and to thousands of premium digital assets like:

  • logos
  • fonts
  • photos
  • business card templates
  • and much more

But what if you want to buy only one Microsoft Word flyer template? Then GraphicRiver may be a better option for you. 

Best Source for Premium Microsoft Word Flyer Templates (Buy One at a Time – 2019)

Graphic River
Graphic River has a ton of premium flyer templates

GraphicRiver is another resource that offers a plethora of excellence flyer templates for Word. Premium templates on GraphicRiver can be purchased one-at-a-time instead of as part of a monthly plan.

Let’s look at a couple of examples:

1. Advertising Consultant Flyer for MS Word

Advertising Consultant Flyer for MS Word

This stylish and professional double-sided printable flyer template for Word comes in two formats: A4 and US letter size. You’ve got the option of using one or both sides of the template, according to your needs. 

The template is easy to customise by swapping in your own images, changing the text, or choosing your preferred colours. If you get stuck, there’s a handy help file included.

2. Corporate Flyer – Microsoft Flyer Template

Corporate Flyer Microsoft Flyer Template

Here’s another elegant Microsoft Word flyer template that can be used for brand promotion or to announce a new product or venture. The layered double-sided template comes in A4 size. Like all flyer templates for Word offered at Elements and Graphic River, all elements of the template are fully editable.

Best Free Microsoft Word Flyer Templates

As a Microsoft Word user, you’ve got access to a library of free Word templates available through Microsoft Office. Here are some of the best:

1.  Summer Party Flyer

Summer Party FlyerAnnounce your summer do with this free flyer template. The template features a variety of beautiful many coloured palm fronds that frame the text announcement. This is a flyer guaranteed to get attention.

2. Event Flyer Template for Word

Planning an event and looking for Microsoft flyer templates that are free to download? Check out this simple event flyer that features a photo at the top of the page and text placeholders where the details of your even can go. 

3. Holiday Event Flyer

Be ready to let the world know about your Holiday event with this Santa themed flyer. Add the details like date and location details, along with a description of the event. Delete any placeholders you don’t need. The template can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of paper sizes.

4. Flyer with Tear-Off Tabs and Art

Flyer with Tear-Off Tabs and Art

This isn’t just a free flyer template, but a template with eight tear off tabs that allows you to add contact information. So, interested parties can tear them off to remember your info. (This is a technique that predates mobile phones and may not be as relevant today.)    

5. Music Flyer – Microsoft Flyer Template

Here’s a free flyer templates for Microsoft Word that’ll appeal to anyone who wants to promote a music or dance event. Add your info and use as is or modify the fonts and colour to customise the flyer to your taste.

6. Garage Sale Flyer

This is a simple landscape flyer for letting neighbours and strangers alike know that you’re having a garage sale. This US letter size template is easy to customise. Just add your information and the free flyer templates for Microsoft Word is ready to use. 

7. Event Flyer with Pickit Add-In

Event Flyer with Pickit Add-In

Here’s a colourful template with colour block design for all your summer events. Let everyone know what’s going on with this free printable flyer template for Word. It’s got plenty of space to add text in different area of the template. 

Use it for your summer event with this color block designed seasonal flyer template. Change the colour and fonts as needed. Use the Pickit free add-in for Office to replace the placeholder image with your own.

8. Event Flyer (Orange)

This Event Flyer is quite simple in style. It consists of one photo, the main heading, then two text heading and two sets of body text. The template wouldn’t be suitable for communication lots of different information. But if you don’t need to say much, the template will be adequate. 

9. Business Flyer

This simple understated flyer template is designed for office-based business. The free flyer templates for Microsoft Word can be used to announce events like trade fairs and conferences. Or use it for direct marketing or to create brand awareness. Add photos, change colours and fonts to reflect your brand. 

10. Zigzag Event Flyer

Zigzag Event Flyer

This free printable flyer templates for Word makes a pretty bold statement. It’s got a photo forming the background of the flyer that’s overplayed with a purple hue. On top of this is bold colourful chevron graphic details and equally bold and colourful text where you can write your event details. 

11. Simple Flyer – Free Printable Flyer Template for Word

This template has a simple layout and uses only text to communicate its message. Because of this it’s quite easy to customise. 

Replace the placeholder text with a bold headline. Replace the date, time and place of your event and replace other necessary info. Your free printable flyer template for Word is ready for use.

12. Teacher Appreciation Flyer

The only thing better than an event to show appreciation for a beloved teacher is finding the perfect Microsoft flyer template that’s free to download (like this one). Customise the colours and text to create the exact look you want. 

13. Item for Sale Flyer

Item for Sale Flyer

Have you got a big-ticket item in your home for sale? Have you lost a beloved family pet and want to let the neighbours know you’re looking for it? This is the template you’d use.

The free printable flyer template for Word allows you to add a photo to the background. Plus, you can add the usual relevant info.  As we’ve seen with another template earlier, this one also has eight tear off tabs that allow you to add contact information. So, interested parties can tear them off to remember your contact info.

14. Small Business Flyer (green design)

If you’re trying to figure out how to make a flyer in Word for your plant business or any other kind of small business, this Microsoft flyer template is free to download and use. The template features a photo of hands repotting a plant. Plus, it’s got simple graphics and two colours only. All this makes customisation quite straight forward.

15. BBQ Invitation Flyer

Here’s another summer party event flyer. The one takes its inspiration from the barbecue party. This simple but fun free printable flyer template for Word features a peach background with orange accents and a barbecue grill in one corner of the template. The text is quite minimal and focuses on the title headline of the event, time, date, pace, address and room to RSVP.

16. Financial Business Flyer

Financial Business Flyer

Do you run a financial services company? Are you looking for a Microsoft flyer template that’s free to download? Look at this template designed specifically for businesses. Add your own image, company colours and fonts to make this template your own. 

17. Sale Flyer – Microsoft Flyer Template

If you’re looking for a free flyer template for a sales event, this might just be the flyer for you. You can let your target audience know the when, where, and what of your sales event. Also, let them know about discounts etc. to get them excited about attending. Use this template as is or change the colours and fonts to suite your taste.

18. Side Hustle Flyer

Loads of people have part-time work or have found a way to make money doing something they love in addition to their full-time work. In America, these jobs are known as side hustles. If you want to bring in more clients or customers for your side hustle, this a great flyer for advertising your services. 

19. Halloween Flyer

Halloween Flyer

Here’s a Halloween party invite with all the classic icons of Halloween. The flyer includes bats, eyes in the dark, a grinning jack o’lantern and a witch on a broom. This free printable flyer template for Word will help you create the perfect flyer for Halloween. You won’t even have to do much customising.

20. Elegant Spring Flyer

This free flyer templates for Microsoft Word will help you create beautiful flyers for spring. The flyer used a photo of cheesy blossoms as the background image, with a red overlay to which you can add your text. There’s more room for the text in the white horizontal space under the red overlay as well.

21. Flyer (Scallops Design)

This free flyer template can be used as a product awareness flyer for different kinds of businesses. The template is US letter size. It provides room for adding your own photos. To customise add your photos, text and preferred colours.  

5 Quick Tips to Make Professional MS Word Flyer Designs

To make a flyer in Word that’ll capture your audience’s attention, you need a premium flyer template. But if you want your flyer to hold your audience’s attention and persuade them to take a desired action, then you need to read these five quick tips to making effective flyers. 

Education Flyer
Education Flyer – a premium template from Envato Elements

1. Always Keep Your Target Audience in Mind

You should have a clear picture of your ideal client/customer and what kind of lifestyle they’ve got. Knowing who you’re targeting with your flyer will influence the design elements and language you use in your flyer. So, before you begin your flyer design, be clear about who you’re targeting. 

2. Create a Bold Headline

Your flyer’s headline needs to be the first thing that your target audience will see. So, it’s got to catch their attention with its colour, size, and message. At first glance, it should tell your audience what your flyer is about and entice them to keep reading.

Properties Flyer
Premium Properties Flyer

3. Make Your Graphics Compelling

The photos, illustrations, shapes, lines and colours you use in your flyer aren’t just about creating a pretty flyer. They all have a function. They should tie in with your business brand and accurately represent the type of service or product you offer. They should also appeal to your target audience and create an emotional response in them.

4. Add a Call to Action

Every flyer needs a call to action line. This is a message that makes the reader want to act. Here are some examples:

  • Get your ticket today.
  • Contact us.
  • Enter to win.
  • Buy now.

A call to action lets your readers know how to act on what they’ve been reading. 

Fashion Flyer
Fashion Flyer, a premium flyer from Envato Elements

5. Don’t Forget Your Contact Information

Contact info like your website, email address, phone number, etc. are critical pieces of information for every flyer. After all, if you don’t add your contact info, how will your potential client/customer know where to find you to access the product, service or event you’re promoting?

To find out more about how to create a flyer in Word, check out the article below:

Choose the Best Microsoft Word Flyer Template Today 

If you’re cash strapped and looking for free flyer templates, our list of the top free printable flyer templates for Word is a good place to start. But, if you need to create flyers and other graphic materials regularly, then the Envato Elements may be worth the investment. There you can download unlimited premium Microsoft flyer templates and more for one low monthly fee.

But, if you only need a single template, GraphicRiver is an excellent alternative for high quality premium printable flyer templates for Word

Head on over to either site today to choose your favourite Microsoft flyer template. Start creating gorgeous flyers that’ll catch the eye of your target audience today. 

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